How Zenism Approaches Sustainability

Maximising our use of resources, limited editions and building strong relationships 

It’s exciting to see that awareness for social and environmental issues is becoming commonplace, yet it’s disappointing that men still have so few choices for making a difference. Part of being an ethical label is both understanding the impact production has on the community as well as the environment, then providing an insightful alternative that people can make a part of their lives.
Keeping it sustainable is important to Zenism
To offer this mindful approach, Zenism’s range is produced in limited editions using clever materials which can be readily accessed by the producer. This means the makers I work with have the ability to create the Zenism range without stress to themselves, their communities or the environment, as we can manage resources more effectively. This approach is what helps me to create a line that focuses on bringing sustainability into a man’s daily life. 
Whether making choices about materials, quantities, craftsman or distribution, Zenism takes a wholistic and thoughtful approach to menswear. Being an independent label helps me to avoid many of the traps faced by larger businesses because the relationships between the producers, suppliers, stockists and myself are personal and accountable. 
When you wear Zenism you can be sure that your threads are thoughtfully made, individual and unique.
Sustainability through Creating a Stronger Community 
Sustainability isn't just about protecting the environment, it's about managing our resources to maximise efficiency and improve the living and working conditions of the community. Zenism products are created in collaboration between Australian designers and talented craftsman across Asia and the Pacific. They’re intended to bring equal opportunities to craftsman, artisans and small businesses from across the region while supplying beautiful, universal staples to a gentleman’s wardrobe. 
The world is ever changing with an ever-growing population, and it’s more important than ever that we build better networks and communities that can support one another. Education and autonomy may be one of the most transformational and liberating opportunities of our time, and that requires diplomacy and trusting relationships. Zenism has done all that it can to start this process and will continue working towards this goal with the help of our customers.

Making a Commitment to fairness

Being ethical and sustainable is also about being fair. Craftsmen are paid fair prices per item when they work with this independent label, with no shortchanging as often happens with larger business transactions. 
You won't find Zenism in major department stores unless they too wish to make that contribution. You’ll only find Zenism products through selected independent stores. That’s because Zenism is dedicated to supporting a community of small business across the entire product lifecycle through limited edition production and design.
When you wear Zenism you are directly supporting independent designers, craftsmen and businesses across Asia and the Pacific. This makes an undeniable difference to the future we build together and is a fundamental principle behind the label.
Thanks for supporting this young label and the dedication to kindness.