What An Ethical Men's Clothing Label Does 

Zenism is an Australian men's clothing label dedicated to producing simply designed basics to a high ethical standard. Even though awareness for the environmental and social impacts of our modern lifestyles has grown, there aren't many brands making stylish and ethical options available to men. So Zenism™ was founded and trademarked in 2016, offering a thoughtful alternative and giving men the power to choose.

Basic menswear that's dedicated to kindness

The range is designed for longevity and multi-use, avoiding the need for you to continually replace and update the staples of your wardrobe. By using quality, sustainable materials and classic styles, the Zenism label creates apparel to help you make the most out of life. From hiking to travel, yoga to coffee - these clothes are made with a timeless and universal quality that ensure you’re getting the most out of your life, while being mindful of your impact on the planet.
The products created by Zenism help you to choose a kinder, gentler path. 
The mark of a true gentleman.


Zenism began in the summer of 2016 with a men’s bamboo basics range of simple, versatile tees and singlets. It took a year of planning and searching before I settled on bamboo fabric for the starting men’s range. I was then introduced to a family business in Thailand that specialised in bamboo production to manufacture the menswear line.

The Importance of the Beginner's Mind

I recognised the need for a thoughtful, mindful label that could counter a fast-paced, disposable and impersonal culture. Illustrating the 'beginners mind’ through purposeful, minimal design is a way of interrupting those popular and enticing ideas of 'life in the fast lane.' Promoting kindness and gentility as powerful attributes for a beautiful life, and finding ways of encouraging that in the lives of others has become one of the strongest missions for Zenism. By no means is kindness a new idea, and it often feels a little naive to be promoting it, but it takes courage to let go of the baggage we carry - just like a beginner. I am always looking for ways that I can bring that into the life of the label and into the lives of my customers.
The beginner's mind highlights the promise and possibility that happens when you start a new journey. I started the Zenism journey by creating a unique range of basic t shirts which give men the freedom for an active, adventurous life. It's a product that can accompany the wearer, whatever journey they're on, like a friend. With the help of Brisbane pattern and sample makers, these designs became a reality, and my friends in Thailand took it from there. There is attention to detail and a sense of purpose given to each step of the process. From the selection of materials that reflect ideals of gentility, to hidden koans in the care labels which create a moment each time you use the product. These are the kinds of ideas that inspire the Zensim label.
I started sending Zenism t shirts to my customers as though they were a present or gift. The idea of the present represents the marking of an occasion, the ending of something old, and the beginning of something new. It's a special moment designed to bring you out of the ordinary and into the moment. My hope is that this chain of kindness, from design to purchase will go on to make an impact in both my customers lives and the community. 
I don't want Zenism's possibilities to stop here, the beginner's mind must go on. There are many more ideas and plans for how the label can support the growth of ethical production. Zenism will always aim to be mindful of the environment and provide great quality menswear to accompany you wherever life takes you.
Thanks for supporting this young label and the dedication to kindness.


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The bamboo t-shirt reminds us that soft and gentle can be cool.

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