Warranty + Returns

The Policy to Look For When Shopping Online

Hmm, that shirt isn't exactly what you were expecting? Sometimes shopping online can be a bit tricky, especially when your using a service for the first time. So it's important to feel confident and informed before you enter the cart, but it's also comforting to know that you will have support if the purchase doesn't go according to plan. While I take care to ensure the utmost quality of Zensim products, if your purchase should arrive faulty, damaged or incorrect, I will replace it free of charge.
Warranty and Returns - don't leave yourself out to dry.


At Zenism, authenticity and modesty are the core of what I do. While I take care to ensure the utmost quality of my products, if your online purchase* should arrive with anything unexpected - here's what I can do.

Wrong Size?

No Problem!
Return it to address:
4207/18 Parkside CTT,
Hamilton, Q, 4007. 
    Include a note explaining one of the following:
    • The name for your order, the size you require, and the adress you'd like it sent to.
    • That you would like a refund, and the name your order was placed under so that I can action this for you.
    I will then resend your order with the size you require, free of charge. That's correct, I will cover your postage out of my own pocket as long as you return the product in new condition.**

    Please refer to the sizing charts prior to purchase to reduce wasted resources and the chances of disappointment. After all, it's better to get it right the first time. :)

    Understandably, I also honour returns for change of heart, because I don't want you to be unhappy with this product. Please just email an explanation of why Zenism hasn't met your expectations so that I may improve these designs over time. The product will need to be returned to me in new condition, tags intact, within 2 weeks of purchase.
    If your product arrives faulty or damaged, I will replace it free of charge.*** 
    Zenism’s return policy exceeds Australian regulations. For more info visit the Queensland Government website: Guarantees, warranties and refunds (or you may want to use this link here). Or also check your consumer and customer rights with the ACCC by following the link here.
    * For person to person purchases with a retailer, please see your retailer for their terms and conditions. They will organise the return on your behalf.
    ** For single orders of up to ten (10) shirts. Redeemable only once. After this volume, the shirts postage will need to be discussed.
    *** I will resend any replacement to you free of charge. My only request is that you document the fault with a photograph and email it to me via design@zenism.com.au so that I can inform my partners of the faulty mistake and improve quality control.


    Zenism has chosen to work with top-notch, small garment producers, and the quality of my selected materials is absolutely the best on offer. I do this because I hope to minimise the need for us men to constantly replace our products. I want Zenism to stay with you, wherever life takes you. Please be sure to follow the care instructions on your care label (found inside of the product), in order to best care for your new Zenism piece, to maximise the life of your product. But remember - nothing lasts forever.*  
    If you think that the Zenism product hasn't met with this quality standard, I will gladly replace the product for you to try again. Just send your concern to me via the contact page and I'll endeavour to solve the problem within 48 hours.
    * A warranty replacement wouldn't strictly apply to clothing items after 3 months of wear and tear. But if you have concerns after this length of time, I'm happy to discuss them with you.