The Contributors


An independent label takes the hands of many

Although the Zenism label has been created and pieced together by myself, it could not have come together if it weren't from the help and support I've had along the way. Here are just a few of the contributors who have made the Zenism Label a real possibility.

Adrian Doidge I'm a local Brisbane designer and the creator of  Zenism. I've been influenced by an intersection of Japanese Zen culture and a selection of modern design heroes. I was introduced to Japan as a youngster through the art of bonsai and calligraphy, and later moved to Osaka and then Maizuru, Kyoto for two years where I learnt a lot about the concepts of Zen Buddhism and Japanese life. Being a creative person, Japan blew my mind. I started getting formally acquainted with design in Milan, Italy, before completing my studies through the Queensland College of Art. All of this experience has laid the foundations supporting this ethical design label, Zenism.

It’s important that design extends beyond aesthetics, it’s about the whole process and experience. Art and the visual are supposed to help us talk about issues beyond the ordinary and mundane, it's supposed to expand our horizons.

Daksha - Ethical Style's entrepreneurial stylists, June and Mercy, have been instrumental in connecting the dots of the journey that have brought about Zenism. June has the practical, healing touch, while Mercy can out-radicalise even the most unconventional of thinkers. These inspiring (totally rad) women have been working towards the freedom and autonomy of women across the globe through their ethical fashion label, Daksha.

Ali and Grant Strachan at Fringe Art + Culture have been behind Zenism from the beginning. Working with Adrian, who shared their passion for philosophy and arts culture, was important in developing their brand. Through his help in shaping their brand identity and message, Fringe found a way to articulate exactly what they were trying to do for the community. In return, Ali has generously given up her time to help forge the content that makes this website function. Go check them out!