A Design Philosophy Which Brings a Mindful Approach to a Man's Life

Zenism: (noun) The character or quality of succinctness, integrity, and appreciation for life.

Design, creativity and craft remind us how to live the good life by bringing out the best in us.

At Zenism, I design and collect lifestyle products that help create a life well lived. It’s about creating moments of kindness for your day, and hoping they spread into your life.

I pay attention to the materials, design and craft of the product, so you can have a window to pay attention to what really matters in your life.

 Ikigai is what led me to start this business - I hope zenism can lead you to yours.

Zenism is a fusion of Japanese philosophy with Australian ingenuity and lifestyle.

I was introduced to mindful design in Japan. It became popular there yonks ago with the work of a humble tea master called Rikyu. His focus was to bring mindfulness through everyday activities, like drinking tea. He transformed the daily habit of a cuppa into an art, highlighting the fact that any moment is a chance to connect with life.

Objects can be as meaningful as poetry. When you get dressed, when you eat and play, when you pack for a weekend away, your stuff reminds you of what you stand for.

The Australian way of life is determined and stoic, so we see the beauty in raw and rugged creations. This comes from our love for nature as well as our belief in equality. This is why Australian’s love to experiment with materials, making objects from tree logs and up-cycled metal roofing. Everything and everyone should be equal, because we all have potential.

There is something in Australian’s that compliments zen.


Bringing mindfulness to a man’s life also means thinking about our impact

Zenism is here to champion the modern day gentleman. They aren’t made overnight, it’s something we practice and get better at everyday. I strive to design and collect products which inspire men to live the simple life, while providing more ethical and sustainable choices. Essentially, the Zenism approach to life can be summed up as the practice of kindness.

Zenism balance, all products are designed and curated with three principles:

1) Careful selection of materials

I select materials that are gentle and mindful.

The selection of materials minimise the impact our choices have on others and the environment. This means addressing sustainability, as well as look and feel.

2) Understanding of purpose

Zenism is there to accompany a purposeful life. It’s not about ‘bigger’ or ‘more’, it’s about real value.

Ricky was right, purposefully created products have the grace to teach us about ourselves.

3) Economy and efficiency through simplicity.

Because the design, collection and service is simple, I can account for the steps involved in the process of bringing products to life - bringing the best quality economically.

There’s also a connection between simplicity and kindness that Zenism offers to you, they have the power to set you free.


If you have any thoughts on how to bring more attention and awareness of what matters to the lives of others, I’d love to hear your comments. It’s important that these ideas don’t stay static or rigid, that they are contested, tested and built upon throughout the lifetime of the brand. Nothing great ever occurred in isolation. Please submit your thoughts, suggested reading, watching and learning through the contact page, or use the form below.

Take a look

The bamboo t-shirt has the power to remind us of what's important - gentility and softness.

I designed the zenism basics to get rid of distraction - it's about helping others to get the most out of life. That's what the whole brand is about.
See how the mens bamboo can remind you of the simple life, here.