Size Chart

How do I know what size shirt to order?

Some tips and tricks for ordering the best fit when shopping online.

You're not alone. We all get impatient and uncomfortable trying clothes on in department stores - it's time consuming, awkward, and there are many other things we'd rather be doing. Online shopping is a better idea because it fits around our lifestyles, but now there's a new problem. We rush through the cart, guessing our size along the way and the clothes don't fit.

Choosing the right size shirt can be a personal challengeMaybe we rush through the purchase phase because we don't have the time to measure all our parts?… Or maybe we just didn't think to do so? However, the risk involved in overlooking this crucial first step is a really frustrating part of the online shopping experience. Zenism would really like to help with that.

Just download the pdf print out at the bottom of the article, and you'll have all your current measurements at hand the next time you place an online order. 

Shirt Measurments

When I shop online, why is a medium not always a medium?

When a piece of clothing is designed, it's often made to a specific purpose. This means that the designer is asking questions like, 'what will this be used for,' and 'how will the material look it's best?' Once the designer has this information in mind a shirt is created to those specifications. For example, with the Zenism bamboo basics crew and v-neck I was aware of the soft and stretchy nature of the fabric. While the purpose I had in mind was a yoga session with lots of downward dogs and twisting movements, or a hike through the bush with some basic scrambling and rock hopping. I then developed a shirt that was snug around the shoulders and had some extra length and curve in the torso to accommodate this.

A zenism shirt is designed to sit snug on your body, but is soft (and tough) enough to allow for freedom of movement. This makes it slightly different to other t shirts, with a different fit, shape and style.

It's important to choose a size of shirt that suits your activity and comfort level, and that all starts with understanding your body.

Making a good size choice when shopping online.

The first thing to understand when shopping online is that our bodies come in all shapes and sizes. There is no standard body size, so there's no need to be shy about it. Some guys are tall and lanky while others are built like a brick out-house. No matter what clothing site you choose to shop with, the best thing you can do is understand your body measurements, then refer to the products sizing chart in order to choose your best fit. A good website will have this information available for you on the product page. Once you have this information, you can make the best choice possible.

Let's start by helping you to see yourself as you really are. To help you better navigate your online shopping experience, I've put together an easy body size table for you to download and print. It will take you between 10 -15 minutes to complete, just follow the instructions given on the download. Once you've completed this first step, you'll have a realistic reference point, no matter where you buy your shirts.

Download and print the Know Your Measurements pdf at the end of the page.

The Zenism Bamboo Basics recommendation.

Thank you for referring to the size charts prior to purchase. This helps Zenism to reduce our waste, to save resources and maximise your chances of being uber happy when you receive your purchase. These goals are part and parcel to being a sustainable menswear label, so I really want you to be able to choose the best possible fit for your body type and comfort zone.

Sizing is a personal preference. The bamboo fabric is very soft, flexible and accommodating, forming to the shape of your body over the first few wears and washes. We recommend getting something that fits snugly to account for this effect, but the choice of a comfortable fit is yours.

Take a look

The bamboo t-shirt teaches us that soft and gentle can be something to love.

Try your measurements on these bamboo basics.

Visit the bamboo store here.


*If your sizing is incorrect, there are some generous options and free shipping available. For more information check out our returns policy or send your queries via the Zenism contact page.

** Can't find your size? This initial range of bamboo basics is completely self funded by one Brisbane designer, me. This means sizes are mostly restricted to S, M and L due to the tight budget restrictions this brings. Zenism has opted to pay a fair price that supports the living wages of our friends and producers, which has meant making some compromises in our size range. Please be aware that Zenism wish to accommodate all shapes and sizes in our future product lines, so stay tuned for the coming seasons.